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How to make a Paper Roll Snow Star Ornament. A fun Activity with kids.

We are always looking for fun activities to do with our kids where we can use paper toilet rolls or other materials we can recycle. One of the materials that we always have enough of are paper rolls. And I can imagine the same applies to you.

What do you need?

Paper rolls
A ruler
Scissor, we use adult and kid scissors
Glue. I used a glue stick, but I find that school glue that you can apply with a brush works much better

Step by Step Instructions

You start with collecting toilet paper rolls. I used to store them at one place in our house.


With you measure the width of your star ornament. I measured 1 cm, which is a little more tha 1/3 of an inch.


Next step: cut all those measure pieces. You will need 18 for one paper roll snow star ornament.

And this is what it looks like after you cut all the pieces. I think I cut a couple extra. Because with all the kiddos, we are not only making one.


We had trouble with this step, the glueing together of six cut out paper roll pieces. Why? We used the wrong glue. A glue stick is your best option if this is the only glue you have at hand. Which was our case. If you have school glue, you can better use that with a brush. It is much easier to apply. Also when it is time to glue your star to add the glitters.


For the inner snow star, you glued six cut paper roll pieces together, as shown above.

For the next step, fold a cut paper roll piece and fold it again. Add glue to the sides, where my fingers are. And glue it between two previously glued together paper roll pieces. You can see what it looks like below.

It will looks like this. You will continue doing this for all the in between spaces.

And then it will look like this. As you can see, I started by adding an extra double folded cut paper roll. Can you spot where it is?

Here you see where it goes. You do this for all the other spaces as well.

It will end up looking like this!

Back to glueing again. Again, much better to do when you have school glue and a brush, instead of a glue stick. But then again, something is better than nothing. In this, almost final step, you add glue to the side of you paper roll snow star ornament, preparing it to add glitters.

And then the last step, adding glitter.

Doesn’t that look pretty? To finalize your Paper Roll Snow Star Ornament, add a string to your ornament, so you can hang it in your Christmas tree.


Merry Christmas!


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