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The Power of MNO’s

Sitting here at yet another class for my kids and watching them improve their skills I feel proud. These little people that choose me, us, to guide them during their journey here on earth. It is amazing. 

But… Yes, there is a but. The always being on and giving, the always being needed, it is kind of exhausting. I realized it is extremely important that there is some kind of balance. When you are homeschooling you are on all the time, because the kids are always there. Even when the kids are enrolled in a class, if you are lucky it is a drop-off, but if you are not, than parent participation is asked. Which means, no break for you. And when your kids are not the one asking something of you, there is someone else, like your spouse. No offense!

A happy wife is a happy life!

Taking time for you to recharge is important. Taking care of you is needed. I hit a point that I was so overwhelmed and exhausted, I didn’t know how to get back to that good place. What was it that gave me energy? What were the things that I loved. All I wanted was to be left alone. Not that that was going to happen, because those precious kids were still there.

And that is where the Mom Night Out (MNO) comes in. My local homeschool group organizes a MNO every month. And I wanted to go, but couldn’t. I felt guilty towards my husband, leaving him with all the kids. But what about ME! I have to take care of me! Because a happy wife is a happy life and that applies for the whole family. When mom is feeling well, everybody notice this.

MNO = Mom Night Out

My point? When your homeschooling (or not, this applies to everyone who takes care of kids) don’t forget to take care of you! Recharge! Enjoy your class of wine and hanging out with friends. Make time to be YOU again! You are so much more than mom!

And I… I forgot who I was. 

I decided to do a check-in with myself. I realized I felt empty and numb. I had a need for connection and self-expression and it was not being met and I felt angry the whole time. It felt like I was running around, only taking care of others and not being seen. Almost like a shadow. Alive, but not really living. I used my children’s GROK cards for this check-in.

So for me it was important to let go of that guilt and just go. Get out there. Connect with other moms, without the kids there. Just doing something for me. And I feel confident that with little steps, I’ll get there. MNO is on my calendar in big letters and an exclamation mark. It is my time. And while I was in the process of adding some quality me-time, I added yoga and bookclub too. Without the guilt!

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