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Let the journey be shaped by the curiousity of the child…

Help Needed – Please read and share!

You think you are free and have a free choice. More and more it becomes clear that if you follow your own path, you are not so free after all. … Continue reading

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Bread is not the only thing we’re baking

We got news to share. Big news. Just like before, sharing this news is scary and exciting at the same time and those of you who follow us on Instagram … Continue reading

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Home Education not only for the Children

Since we started our home education journey almost four years ago, I realized something. Although our children (5, 2 & 0) are learning, something that apparently comes naturally, we as … Continue reading

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Insecurities about Unschooling

Sometimes my own insecurities get the better of me and I start to wonder. Are we on the right path? Are our children learning? Won’t they fall behind compared to the kids who go to school or the kids who are being homeschooled with a curriculum? I worry, because I want the best for my children.

Your child is learning on its own and you are there to care for and guide your child along his way. I do believe they are our biggest teachers in life and we don’t even know it.

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The “Drink Enough Water” Helper

Water is the driver of Nature. ~ Leonardo da Vinci After our visit to NCAR yesterday, the boys are more then ever interested in water, rain, rainbows, tornados and all … Continue reading

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How do unschoolers learn about animals

Start with some questions Is he interested in animals and does he like to know more? It could be that you like to explore an animal but not your little … Continue reading

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Freedom to Learn – video – Dr Peter Gray

Earlier I wrote that we attended a lecture from Dr Peter Grey at The Alpine Valley School. Now, the lecture is available on video.

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Masterclass Project Based Homeschooling

Yesterday my Masterclass from Lori Pickert started. The next six weeks I will be deepening my knowledge about Project Based Homeschooling and aim to become an even better mentor for … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day

In the United States Valentine’s Day is a big thing. In the stores, in the restaurants, on internet, on Facebook, Valentine’s Day is everywhere. It made me wonder. Do the … Continue reading

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