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Masterclass Project Based Homeschooling

Yesterday my Masterclass from Lori Pickert started. The next six weeks I will be deepening my knowledge about Project Based Homeschooling and aim to become an even better mentor for Maxi-, Midi- and Miniman.

The base for this Masterclass is Lori Pickert’s book:
Project Based Homeschooling
The book: Project-Based Homeschooling: Mentoring Self-Directed Learners
Kindle Version of the book: Project-Based Homeschooling: Mentoring Self-Directed Learners

Some time ago I wrote about the process I went through of letting go of my learned beliefs and learning to trust on Maximan’s curiosity. I want the best for my children and sometimes I’m overcome with insecurity. Am I making the right decisions? Will they learn what they need to know? What will become of them when they grow-up? But going through my own thoughts I can imagine these are not only the questions of someone who is homeschooling her child, but it could be every parents’ questions. Don’t we all what is best for your child? Right?!!

I am looking forward on taking this Masterclass. It feels like I am going on a journey. As I see it now, I am the one who probably will learn the most. My children just go with the flow and for sure let me know if I’m moving in, for them, the right direction. But I will be confronted again with myself, with my own thoughts. How can I improve thing? How can I accommodate the environment better to our children’s needs without losing our house in one big project-mess?

However, I won’t let these thoughts and insecurities stop me from going on this journey. I know that children thrive when they are in an inspiring environment aimed to meet their needs. I know I don’t have to tell them what they need to do. They will look around and start with what they think is interesting. They are free to learn and one of the things I have to provide is an inspiring environment, a mother who genuinely listens, observes, takes notes, writes down the questions and who does the shopping. Yes, you read it correctly… shopping. While your child is working on his project, you don’t want him to be slowed down, because he is missing that essential piece (could be tape in Maximan’s case).

Some time ago, Maximan started with a project regarding airplanes and this project is still alive. Since he started the project he has build a couple of airplanes, he flew in an airplane as a passenger, he went a couple of times to the aviation museum, he went to the airport, he practices on flight simulators. Right now he is practicing how to land an airplane. And he regularly builds airplanes with his LEGO’s.

Beside this project, Maximan is also interested in the human body and asks lots of questions. Which I write down. This could be a unit study or his next project. Time will tell.

Aviation Museum


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