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Let the journey be shaped by the curiousity of the child…

Using Media (Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Computer, iPad)

For those who missed it, our little baby boy was born 3 weeks ago, after a very stressful pregnancy. Knowing that with a newborn and recovery time for myself, I would be doing more resting and spending less time with the other kids (normally I would write boys, but we have Maxigirl here too now), I tried to prepare for the postpartum time as best as I could.

I made a daily schedule for Dad, so he had all the Waldorf and Charlotte Mason stories available. What I also did was embracing NetflixAmazon Instant Video (Prime), certain websites and the iPad for the postpartum/recovery period. Dad doesn’t have that much patience to sit down with the boys and facilitate all their activities. Where we normally hardly watch any television, in these times it becomes the go to learning tool.

I made a separate account on Netflix dedicated to homeschooling. I chose documentaries and series that I knew would interest the children. Maxigirl, Maxi-, Midi- and Miniman have different interests. Where one is more into culture, history or nature, the other one is more into cars or science.

Homeschooling with Netflix, Amazon, YouTube etc.

This is our Netflix list:



This is our Amazon Instant Video list:



This is our YouTube channel list:
Crash Course
Free School
Sick Science
Absolute Genius with Dick and Dom
SciShow Kids
Cyber Chase
How Its Made
Crash Course Kids
It’s Okay To Be Smart
Curiosity Stream
School of Life


The websites we use:
Mystery Science (science)
Prodigygame (math)
Minecraft School (different subjects, currently science & history)
Dance Mat Typing (learning to type)
Rosetta Stone (foreign languages, currently Spanish)
Teach your monster to read (reading)


The current favorite apps on the iPad:
Minecraft iPad/Android
Pepi Tree iPad/Android
Touchtronic iPad, we bought the letters and numbers here. And I uses these cvc cards from Imagine our Life together with one of the apps.
Osmo iPad, we bought the set here.
Lego Games iPad/Android
Toca Boca Games iPad/Android. Toca Cars is free right now for Android. Download here.
Baby Flash Cards iPad/Android
Letterschool iPad/Android
Rocket Speller iPad/Android
Maan Roos Vis Letterlegger iPad/Android
Brainpop iPad/Android
Youtube Kids iPad/Android
Dragonbox iPad/Android
ProdigyGame iPad
Jurassic Park Builder iPad/Android
Jurassic World Builder iPad/Android


A previous post on iPad apps we use can be found here.


Disclaimer: This page contains affiliated links, which helps us to continue this website and to afford homeschooling. Using those links will cost you nothing extra.


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