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Advent – The Fourth Week

The Human Kingdom


The fourth light of advent is the light of man. The light of love, the light of thought to give and understand. 

Today we will light our fourth candle and add man to our season table. We light the light that is reborn in the deepest darkness. Everytime the light overcomes the darkness. 


Today remember this: Together with the plants, the animals, the minerals, we are the beating heart of Mother Earth. The worlds keeps on spinning. Man looses himselves, he “forgot” where he came from and where he is going. Thousands of ancestors resonate in me. Mother Earth will be here, cleanse herself when necessary. But man, will he make it when he is disconnected from his own strenght, from love, from the ppossibility to give and to understand? Believe in your strenght! Together we will be able to continue our path, our destiny.

You can find the first week here, the second week here and the third week here.

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