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A potion to fight a cold

Today we made a potion which we can take if we might catch a cold. The boys had a lot of fun making this and they can’t wait until we make something similar, which will be when the elderberries arrive.

3 organic lemons
Raw organic honey
Ginger root
A jar

What we did was really easy. We picked out a nice jar, sliced up 3 organic lemons, cut 2 inches of ginger root up in small slices, added raw organic honey and a teaspoon of cinnamon. Added everything to the jar. Stirred it and added the lid. 

And now it is in the fridge. It will turn into a syrup. 

To use it when we have a cold, we can add a teaspoon to hot water or take a teaspoon pure. It stays good for about three months. 


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