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DIY: Montessori Mirror Box


The 3-way Montessori mirror (mirror box / mirror corner board) has been on my wishlist for some time now.

Yesterday when we were at the library I saw a small homemade version and I thought: I can do that.

What did I use:
3 square mirrors from IKEA
Duck tape

I didn’t have to go out of the house for supplies because we had mirrors and duck tape at home.

It was really easy. I started with the mirror that lays on the table. I turned it around and added duck tape to two sides. I flipped it over and attached one of the standing mirrors. I used a cup to prefend the mirror from falling backwards. I attached the second mirror and fastened the duck tape. Again I used another cup to prefend it from falling backwards. Then I taped to two standing mirrors together. Done!

Instead of duck tape, you can also use velcro. Which makes it easier to take it apart and store it.


One comment on “DIY: Montessori Mirror Box

  1. Josh Moll
    February 23, 2015


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