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Celebrating Sinterklaas

It is interesting to see how Sinterklaas and the tradition live in our children. We haven’t started yet with Sinterklaas activities because we will celebrate Thanksgiving first. However, that doesn’t stop our children from starting anyway. The interesting part is, how did they know that it was Sinterklaas time? How did they know that Sinterklaas arrived in the Netherlands?

Yesterday, Maximan decided to put his shoe and all of our shoes in front of the television. We don’t have a fireplace here, so I guess for him it was the next best thing. He prepared gifts for Sinterklaas’ horse Amerigo and he made a drawing. He drew Sinterklaas, Amerigo, our house with a chimney and he drew himself, Maxigirl, Midi- and Miniman. After those preparations, he started singing and we all joined him. It was fun to see how busy he was.


He told us, he was hoping for Sinterklaas to bring him a car where he could sit in and for Midiman a train.

After that they went to bed. Filled with anticipation, they weren’t able to sleep until midnight. Afraid that Sinterklaas wouldn’t come.


After waking up, both Maxi- and Midiman couldn’t wait to go to the living room. How happy they were when they saw he didn’t pass our house.

Our previous post on the good man which also includes what the whole Sinterklaas celebration is about.



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