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A Shark Themed Birthday Party


Maximan is into sharks. And dinosaurs, birds of prey, snakes and legos. For his birthday he prepared a shark themed party. We, as parents, guided him whenever he needed some help.

Maximan turned 6 earlier in October but since we were all sick and didn’t want to risk making others sick, we postponed the party.

We had the party at the park and decorated the area, the tables and the shelter.

The Snacks

These are the snacks Maximan thought of. There all sweets except the Chips (Fish & Chips) and the Shark Fins.

Life Savers

Shark Tank

Shark Bait. (Swedish) Fish swimming in the ocean under attack by sharks.

Glutenfree Chocolate Cupcakes

Shark Repellent or Shark Tank Bubbles

The Party

We were lucky to have beautiful weather. The sky was blue and it was 21 degrees celsius. It felt like summer. Wow November, this is awesome.

All the friends Maximan invited and could make it the first time were at the party.


Having a party at the park is great. You do need to bring all your decorations, food and drinks to the park. But the children (and therefore the parents) are having a blast. The kids can play, run, do whatever they feel like.

We decorated the tables with blue disposable tableclots, which made cleaning up afterwards a piece of cake.



One comment on “A Shark Themed Birthday Party

  1. Machteld Kuijpers
    November 8, 2014

    wish I could have been there….

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