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Birthday Preparations

Midiman his second birthday is just around the corner. As we speak, his birthday is tomorrow. It is going so fast that I was very conscious of the fact that I kept referring to him as my one-year-old. When I look at him I see a very confident young boy, eager to go into the world. And he knows he can explore because he has a safe and warm place to return to, always.

Today we were at the library and my one-year old (you see how I did that) wonders of while keeping an eye on me and starts exploring the premises. He discovers a train, he finds some Duplo to play with. Normally he also has Maximan around and together they’re invincible. However, Maximan was not there at that moment, he was attending a book reading. This didn’t bother Midiman at all. He just did what he always does, just minding his own business, socialize a bit, play with other children. Yes, my one-year old really plays with other children, not side by side, but together.

Anyway, today is the last day I can refer to him as my one-year-old.

This afternoon Maximan made Midiman red velvet cupcakes (our glutenfree, dairyfree recipe book). Last week he made cookies and those were so good that Midiman had a hard time to stop eating them. Maximan warned me that the cupcakes were also made extra yummie, especially for Midiman.


Tonight we decorated the house with homemade fabric buntings and tissue pompons. A substitute to balloons, since I’m allergic to those. Normally we would have a special birthday plate and birthday decorations, but we don’t have those here. So we have to make due with what we do have.



So this is the last night Midiman is one. Bring on those (terrible) two’s!


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