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Sun + Snow = Fun

One of the two things we have around here is sun and snow. And sun + snow equals fun. A lot of fun.

Last week we had a couple of grey days which meant it was or it would be snowing. Which, unfortunately,  also meant that our visit to an Amsterdam Mama got postponed to the end of the week. I was so looking forward to meeting another Dutchy in this area. But luckily we did meet her and her little girl on Friday.

Maxi- and Midiman just love the snow. They both got snow shuffles to help clearing the sidewalk and the driveway. And we got some sleds which were on clearance.




We talked about snow. What snow is, where it comes from. We talked about the water cycle and what will happen with water when it is freezing cold. It will either start snowing or it might starting to hail. We discussed that it would be cool to experiment with water that freezes. What will happen with water when it starts to freeze.

Online Resources
Water Cycle Activities on Kidzone

Maximan likes to put the labels in the right places using this free “Water Cycle” app.
The Water Cycle


On Sunday, we went to the last day of the International Snow Sculpture Festival in Breckenridge. The snow sculptures looked amazing. In Scheveningen, the Netherlands, they have something similar but than made from sand, The International Sand Sculpture Festival.





Finally, we ended up at the Breckenridge Heritage Museum at the Breckenridge Welcome Center. Which was a great surprise. You don’t expect a museum at a Tourist Information Center. And it is always nice to see where the curiosity of the children will lead you. I think we would never have found or visited the museum otherwise.


More information: Breckenridge Heritage

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