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Recovery Road

Some of you probably got the news that we welcomed Miniman into our family two and a half week ago. He is such a blessing. The cutest (okay I say that of all my boys) and easiest baby. Miniman is quite content. He sleeps, drinks, wets his diaper, poops occasionally, sleeps again, until it is time for his next feeding. He wakes up and, well, everything starts all over again. I hope I’m not jinxing it by writing this down.


I had a dream of a natural birth. But since I had two previous cesareans, the ob/gyn was hesitant to let me try. Actually, she just refused. So I had to have another cesarean and I didn’t looked forward to it. Not the surgery but the recovery. Oh my…
On Wednesday I started to have contractions and I hoped our little one (I didn’t now if our baby was a miniboy or a minigirl) would arrive before I had my appointment the next day at the hospital. The next day would be a very special day, because it was also dad’s birthday. Anyway, my whole ‘I like to have a natural birth by accident’ plan fell through and I ended up having another cesarean under full anesthetic.

Being in the hospital was not a picnic, I just wanted to go home with my little BOY! And I was just about to discharge myself when a nurse told me I could go home. I was so happy.

Here in the Netherlands we have something called kraamzorg. That is such a treat. Basically a lady comes to your house and helps you and your family to adjust to life with the newborn. Depending on how you are doing, she comes starting from day 1 (I was in the hospital, so she started at day 4) with a maximum of ten days. We were lucky with the lady that was assigned to us, she was a true gift. She started at nine and left around six. She took care of Maxi- and Midman, she walked our dog, she took care of the household, she made sure everyone ate, she took care of the guests. And recovering from major surgery and it turned out I am anemic, we really needed her. But after day ten, she didn’t stop. I was not doing well at all. And on Monday and Tuesday, her free days, she was back again. A real gift.

I am still anemic and bed-bound most of the time and asked for help. This was very hard to do. But I’m glad I did. I got help from people I didn’t expect. People I would have never asked for help. What did I learn from this? Pride, my pride, won’t get me anywhere. I have to be kind to myself and ask for help when I need it.

Anemia is Maximan his new subject for a unit study. He has been busy the last two days trying to figure out what anemia is. How does someone get anemic and what can you do about it. We are watching an episode of a serie in Dutch on Youtube. Translated in English it would be called Once upon a time… Life. Maximan is watching the episode concerning blood over and over again.

In Dutch: Er was eens… Het leven – Bloed

Hopefully by the end of this week or next week I’m feeling better and I can sit up more. And I can start wearing something like a belly bandit or a corset (Corset-UK is my favourite supplier, just in case you were wondering!). Just to help me get back in shape, before I gently can start excersizing. I know, I just had a baby, surgery and I am still recovering from everything. I have two corsets, which I love, but I was thinking an underbust would be more comfortable right now. Mommy, needs something pretty. Already thinking about Yule too and there is sale.

For Miniman I’ve a new obsession. Where I was totally into the babywearing wraps with Midiman. Now I’m into jumpsuits (AlbaBaby, Duns, EJ Sikke Lej, Krutter, MUS, Smafolk) and woolen clothes, especially those cute hats.



One comment on “Recovery Road

  1. L.C. Mortimer
    December 11, 2013

    I’m really sorry that your birth didn’t go as planned. I had a c-section with my first son so I know how difficult the recovery is! 😦

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