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Pregnant and flying Delta/KLM

We have been back for quite some time now, but that flight back is still fresh in my mind.

The Experience, You Never Want To Have

On October 10th we flew with Delta (booked KLM, carried out by Delta) from Denver to Minneapolis first. No problems there. We had a stopover in Minneapolis and than the agony started. There was a delay, which can happen. No real complaints there, although delay is no picnic with two young children and being 34-weeks pregnant. But we kept the children busy, it was already after bedtime for them. So they were not that happy with the long wait. We had to wait over two hours.

While we were waiting my legs started to hurt and my ankles and feet started to swell up. This worried me a little bit, because of my wheelchair history. We continued to wait patiently and finally it was time to board. When we were seated I asked the stewardess if I could sit somewhere where I was able to lift my feet, to keep them high. My legs were hurting like hell and my feet and ankles were so swolen, my ankles were not visible anymore. I was in so much pain, I felt like crying. Ar first the stewardess told me there was nothing she could do and finally she seated me two rows before the row I was seated. Meaning from comfort to business class. I was able to put my feet up high using the seat and pillows. This was great! And you would say great service, which I was really greatful for.

The steward and stewardesses came to provide drinks. However, they stopped at my seat and worked their way back again. They ignored me. Behind me, in economy comfort and economy, everyone was getting something to drink too. Did I mention I was 34-weeks pregnant at the time and in terrible pain? This, not getting anything to drink continued almost the whole flight. I could ask, but they kept on ignoring me. I got the feeling I was supposed to feel lucky I was sitting where I was seated but that I had to stay quiet. When it was time for dinner, again they worked their way down the aisle, offering food. Up till where I was sitting and turned back again. Still ignoring me. Luckily I bought a sandwich while we were still at the airport.

Being in pain and feeling the tears in my eyes, I was not able to respond. My family, husband with two young children where sitting two rows behind me. And I felt awful because my husband had to take care of our one year old and our four year old by himself. Luckily they were provided with food and drinks.

Finally I fell asleep, only to be waken up by, I believe, the purser. And she told me to get back to my seat before the other passengers would wake up and before breakfast was served.
Being back in my assigned seat I discussed things with my husband and he told me he noticed how rude the staff was. What a difference with our flight from Amsterdam to Minneapolis a month earlier. When breakfast was served I finally got something to drink. And again, she almost skipped me.

Customer Care

Being home we filed a complaint at KLM. We had booked our flight with KLM and it was carried out by Delta. My husband got a phonecall that they would look into it. We didn’t hear anything. After some weeks he mailed a reminder about the complaint. This is the reply we got:

Ik heb mijn collega die uw originele claim in behandeling heeft gehad gesproken, hij gaf aan dat hij op 17 oktober 2013 telefonisch contact heeft gehad met uw vrouw. Hij had haar zijn excuses aangeboden voor het feit dat zij onprofessioneel was behandeld tijdens uw vlucht KL 6060 op 31 oktober 2013 van Minneapolis naar Amsterdam. Ook heeft hij uw originele bericht doorgestuurd naar de desbetreffende afdeling binnen KLM om het intern op te lossen.

Summarized they wrote that he spoke to his colleague who was on the case. He told him he had spoken to me to apologize for the treatment on the flight. And that the original complaint has been forwarded to the specific department to handle the matter.

Up till now, I haven’t spoken to anyone from KLM or Delta. No one apologized. Also the date of flight he is referring to is not correct, we flew on Thursday October 10th. And until now we haven’t heard anything.

I’m still, we are still, very upset in the way a pregnant woman was treated. No drinks on a (long) flight, no excuse. No action after filing a complaint???

Changes are slim we will ever fly with KLM or Delta again or something really good must happen to convince us of “good” service.

Responses, finally…

We got a reaction from Delta on Twitter. Delta Assist: “Truly wished that your flight could have been more pleasurable. I’m very sorry that we missed the mark. *TH“

And also a reaction from KLM on Twitter: @KLM: @InvisionMore We always do our utmost to make it as comfortable for our passengers as possible!

And what else? What about those long hours I was on that plane, pregnant, while being ignored, with nothing to drink. Not even water.

Delta, yes you missed the mark and KLM, no the flight was far from comfortable at all.


5 comments on “Pregnant and flying Delta/KLM

  1. Judy
    November 27, 2013

    Hate to say it but it won’t get any better after the baby is born. I traveled Delta with my twin 9 month olds and they booted me out of the bulkhead seats I had reserved, even though I bought an extra seat!

    • The Art of Home Education
      November 27, 2013

      Hi Judy, so sorry to hear that. And that with twins! Did you file a complaint? I’m curious how Delta’s customer service handled your case. Which carrier do you chose when you have to fly?

      -The Art of Home Education

      Our recent post: Pregnant and flying Delta/KLM

  2. Multilingual Mama
    November 28, 2013

    Missed the mark? Dehydration can cause you to go into labor early! It is unthinkable that they left you, 34 weeks without food and water -let alone any passenger. I avoid US and European airlines like the plague. I am so sorry. Will RT now.

  3. The Art of Home Education
    November 29, 2013

    And a reaction from KLM on Twitter: @KLM: @InvisionMore We always do our utmost to make it as comfortable for our passengers as possible!

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