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Recommended Literature and Websites


Literature in Dutch and English

A list with links to books, some of them are also listed below with links available in the Netherlands.

Thomas Gordon

Luisteren naar kinderen

Marshall Rosenberg

Geweldloze communicatie

Marshall Rosenberg

Taal van de vrede

Justine Mol

Opgroeien in vertrouwen

Alfie Kohn

Unconditional Parenting

Alfie Kohn

Punished by rewards

Jantine Peters

Kijk, luister en begrijp

A. Faber


Aletha J. Solter

De taal van huilen

Elizabeth Pantley

Lekker slapen zonder huilen

Sandra Dodd

Big book of unschooling

Lori Pickart
Project Based Homeschooling



One comment on “Recommended Literature and Websites

  1. potty training in 3 days
    August 5, 2014

    Very good blog post. I certainly appreciate this site. Thanks!

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