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Airplanes, Maximan’s new project

Together with his brother Midiman, dad and grandpa the guys went to visit Aviodrome yesterday. This weekend you can see all kinds of flight simulators at the museum. Since, Maximan is into flying, his grandpa really wanted to take him and see everything. Now, I do need to tell you that Maximan knows this musem inside out. I think we go there every month, sometimes even more often.

When he came home he was excited and full of stories. How packed the museum was with people and everywhere, everywhere, were flight simulators. He did find it a shame he could only look. He really wants to handle the flight simulator himself. Luckily we do have some apps on the IPad, but nothing beats a real flight simulator. About those apps, if you have a suggestion, please let me know. Maximan has been practicing for over two years know and he does like something which he can use to practice take-offs and landings.

Starting a Project

Today, I asked Maximan what he wanted to do. We have a big roll of bubblewrap, which you can use to make anything you set your mind too. Maximan wanted to make a plane. So I asked him more about what kind of plane and he decided he would draw it and make a design of the airplane he wanted to make.


After drawing it, he looked at the bubblewrap and thought carefully how he could use it. He decided he needed tape as well for his design. We aim to keep everything in the same place and within reach of the children. This enables them to start their work independently. After he got all the things he needed, he started his building process.



During his building process he often looked at his initial design and tweaked it here and there. He marked the things he had build already. After some time we went outside to walk our dog, and he looked at all the planes that flew over. He realized that he had to adjust his design. So when we came home, it was the first thing he did.


And he continued building.




His airplane is not finished yet. It will be waiting for him to continue tomorrow. It seems like he started a new project. It is his choice, he owns it. We are here to guide him.

Concerning aviation, he is practicing flying with the use of flight simulator apps, he looks airplanes up on YouTube, he knows the letter “A” for airplane and the letter “V” for vliegtuig (Dutch for airplane), he asks to go to the aviation museum and to the airport, he wanted to see the new movie “Planes” and he started today building an airplane. I wonder what his next question/request will be


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