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Creative with Colors and Photography

A while back, Maximan got his first compact camera. He loves to take photographs and today we combined pictures with the theme color.

The Assignment

We used an app called Fuzel. And we took a look at all our recent photos. Photos Maximan took and photos I had taken. The assignment was to make a collage of 16 photographs with one color as subject. We discovered that for our ‘red’ theme, we have tons of photos. The other colors are a bit harder.

Download Fuzel for Apple here.

The Result

It was lots of fun to do. And it is nice to see Maximan enjoying matching those colors and choosing photos he likes to use.

For now, we were able to do red, green, blue and black & white. More will probably follow, since Maximan is now focused on color while making a photograph.

The Red Theme

The Green Theme20131025-003039.jpg

The Blue Theme20131025-003047.jpg

The Black&White Theme20131025-003055.jpg


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