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Dinosaurs Everywhere

One of the great interests of Maximan are dinosaurs. He watches shows on YouTube, like Walking with Dinosaurs. He reads books on them, Maximan even gave his dad this great encyclopedia on dinosaurs. We go to expositions, museums and shows in the theatre. We even went to the Walking with Dinosaurs Tour last year. He has dinosaur toys from Schleich en Papo which are supposed to be the most accurate. Everything, everywhere dinosaur. And now the Dino-virus got its grip on Midiman too.

During this explorative trip we found out that Colorado is a great place to be if you’re a dinosaur fan. We’ve been here for 3,5 weeks and we saw dinosaurs at a couple of places already and there is much more to explore. Some sites/museums are free entrance, some you have to pay for.


Museum of Nature & Science
In our first weekend here we visited the Museum of Nature & Science in Denver. They have a whole floor on dinosaurs. You can see more pictures in our Week Window from that week.

Denver Museum of Nature & Science

Museum of Natural History
Last Monday we went to the Museum of Natural History in Boulder. This is on the campus site of the University of Colorado in Boulder. It is not that excessive as the exposition in Denver. But they do show the dinosaurs that were found in the region. Which really speaks to the imagination. We are on dinosaur ground! There is also a discovery corner and the museum is free to enter.








Last Friday we went to an exposition that travels the country, Discovering the Dinosaurs. For this weekend the tour landed in Denver. Although the dinosaurs showed at the exposition were big and not that detailed regarding to the Schleich or Papo ones, it was a fun exposition. You could find bones in several sandpits and Maximan was able to ride a dinosaur. This was fun and so unreal. We played midget golf, dinosaur midget golf to be precise, for the first time. There were jumping castles and a maze. Off course all covered with the dinosaur feeling. It was fun but I don’t think we will visit something like this again.
Midiman asked to be picked up at the start of the tour. He was intimidated by those big creatures or maybe it was the scary looking man at the beginning of the exposition. He was supposed to be an anthropologist but looked like he came from a horror movie.








Dinosaur Site

Yesterday, as a surprise, because we were supposed to go somewhere else, we went to Dinosaur Ridge outside of Denver. It is fun to be the navigator and especially when the driver just follows your instructions. At the Dinosaur Ridge, which is free to enter, you can find dinosaur tracks and bones. Which we think is awesome.
Maximan got all excited when he saw the information sign regarding the Iguanadon. Can you imagine, our almost five year old jumping up and down by seeing an Iguanadon.











More to see…

There are (probably) more sites in the area, which we need to explore while they both are interested. If you know or been to any of them. Please share the information with us. We would love to hear your experiences.


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