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Decluttering and paying it forward

It is time for a confession. This is our first time that we are decluttering. And we do take it seriously.

We come across a lot of good stuff we don’t use or need anymore. Or we think we might need in the future, but haven’t touched in years. Time for all that stuff to go. Because by cleaning up our personal space, we also make room for new things in our home and in our minds.

Maximan is a big part of the decluttering process and a big help. Most of the time he chooses a person where the item goes to, if there are more persons that have shown interest in an item. Because we don’t just throw our used items away. Clothes that can still be used, can be given away, because someone else might be really happy and helped with it. Same goes for toys, shoes, everything. If somethings is a teeny tiny bit broken and can be fixed, we put it on a Facebook group, say that it’s a bit broken and ask if someone is interested.

Since we have started our decluttering phase, shall I call it a phase, we have made so many people happy. And that, in turn, has made us happy too. It is a win-win situation. We’re re-claiming space in our house, in our minds, we put smiles on peoples faces by paying it forward and we put smiles on our own faces just because of their reaction. How cool is that.

Good causes

Last week, Maximan told me, that he didn’t want to give the toys he didn’t need anymore to just one child. He wanted to give them to a couple of children. In order to make more than one child happy. It warmed my heart. I posted it on Facebook and got a couple of replies. One of those replies came from another mom who homeschools her child and she hinted us this good cause.

Gichon Foundation

This is part of what she wrote: It is about the help that the Gichon Foundation offers.

Byelorussia is the hardest hit area by the Tsjernobyl disaster. The area is still radioactive. Vegetables, fruits, milk are filled with radioactivity. People do eat it though, because there is nothing else. For most people there is little hope on improvement of the situation. There are my orphans en poverty is high…

I used to collect a lot of things but stopped due to high costs of transportation. Driving up and down from Delft to Almelo cost a lot. However, I decided to start again. It is for a good cause!

To help the people in Byelorussia, I collect a lot of things the people need over there. I am looking for:

Sponsors to pay for transportation costs. That could be private people or companies.
Clothes and shoes for babies, children and adults. Not with holes or spots.
Toys, bicycles, etc.
Fabric for sewing.

All goods can be dropped of in Delft or on the first Saturday of the month in Almelo.

With Gichon Foundation you are certain your goods will arrive in Byelorussia. Will you help us?

Another good cause – Foundation Help Norma

Today we had three cabinets we wanted to get rid of. They were standing in the attic collecting dust. Again, I posted it on Facebook and again I got a lot of replies from people who were happy to take them of our hands. And then I got a personal message from a lady who was looking for all kind of things for another special lady. Her name is Norma and she has dedicated her live to helping animals in need. She saved a lot of horses who were trapped on an island. Some of them drowned, but luckily she could save the rest.

I showed her website to Maximan and asked him if this would be a cause he would like to adopt. We read the list of animals she takes care of together.

She takes care of:

      11 horses
      1 cow
      2 pigs
      9 dogs
      40 cats
      40 chicken
      25 roosters
      3 geese
      40 birds
      120 fish
      1 rabbit
      2 guinea pigs
      2 hamsters

Maximan considered it a cause we should sponsor. So now we have two causes we keep in mind while decluttering our home.

If you like to help too

If you like to sponsor one of the causes too, Gichon Foundation or Foundation Help Norma send us an e-mail and we direct you to the persons we have contact with. They can use all the help they can get!


5 comments on “Decluttering and paying it forward

  1. Best Lief
    August 23, 2013

    Ik wil jullie enorm bedanken voor de houten stellingen, die jullie aan Norma en haar Dieren hebben gedoneerd. Deze kunnen mooi in de zeecontainer gemonteerd worden, die als opslagruimte moet dienen. nu kan er al héél veel gewoon makkelijk en netjes op planken gezet worden! super bedankt Best Lief en Norma en haar dieren! ❤

  2. norma miedema
    August 23, 2013

    wow i would like to thank you from my hart
    i am so greatful and full of joy by this wonderful gift. and the
    realy wonderful iniative.
    saw the movie pay it forward years ago and it brought me to tears never realising that i would be honoured in this filosofy today.
    thank you dearly Norma and all the animals.

    • The Art of Home Education
      August 28, 2013

      Dear Norma,

      We’re happy that we’re able to contribute to your good cause. And we can only hope that people see what we’ve wrote and contribute as well. We are touched by the work that you do!
      As I wrote to Best Lief, we also have a dog bench available for you.

      Our recent post: The 7 styles of learning

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