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Multicultural Kid Blog

A few days ago I was lucky to guest post on Multicultural Kid Blog, a great site dedicated to raising world citizens, through arts, activities, crafts, food, language, and love.

I shared the story about our preparation of our upcoming move and how we cope with our small children. Moving in general can be very stressful. And now, as grownups who both moved around a lot as children, we can relate to our children’s feelings. Or how they might feel. To make this transition as smooth as possible for them is our number one priority. Here’s a snippet of the article:

Moving from A to B is a big happening. Even if that move takes place in the same city. Only a few kilometers can make a huge difference. I know! As a child, we’ve moved a lot. And from one side of town to the other, it still meant I would hardly see my friends again. Which of course was sad.

Moving abroad

At this moment, I’m not talking about a move from just a few kilometers. I’m talking about a gigantic move. Even for a parent. What kind of impact would it have for a child. Not only will they have to say goodbye to their friends and family, their neighbourhood, their school (if they go to school, which in our case they don’t) but also to the language they are familiar with, which will be different in the new country.

However, knowing what I already knew from my own experience I try to prepare my children the best way I can. Only time will tell if I have succeeded… Read more

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