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Let the journey be shaped by the curiousity of the child…

Our Unschool Home

Since we mainly unschool, it is nice for the children that everything they might like to use is at hand. For me, it also means that although it should be at hand instantly, it should also be easy to put away. And preferably categorized, so next time we still can find it with the same ease. Our children do learn from a very early age that when they are done with one thing and like to move on with the next, they first clean it up.

How do we organize our home

During the day is not the best time to make pictures, because it is life in actions. As you can see. But you still get a good impression.

We make use of Trofast cabinets from IKEA. They come in different colours and sizes and you can customize them to your liking.

As you can see, even Midiman is able to open up a big box from the cabinet and it is on his level. So everything is within his reach.

We choose big boxes for the big things, like the wooden train set, the Duplo collection and all the cars. The musical instruments are in a smaller box. And he books are in another Trofast cabinet on the other side of the room on a shelf.

We have chosen to locate the cabinet behind our sofa. In front of our sofa, on the carpet, is plenty of play area and there is enough space (in our house) to move around the whole room. Here you see Miniman riding on his cargo bike.

On our other wall we have a drawer, which is filled with arts and craft supplies. It does need some tidying up, I see. But everything has a fixed spot. Maximan knows where the paper, paint, glue, glitter, crayons, fabric, etc is. He knows where to get it and he knows where to put it back.

How do we organize the interests

First of all, I don’t know upfront what the interests of my boys will be. I know what they are interested in know. But for the future, I can only guess.

So how do I prepare?

In a large cabinet, I have an extensive collection of books. Just in case a question comes up. I have the availability of books so we can look more into the question. Furthermore, I have a binder. And every time I come across something that could be interesting I put it in the binder. If I see a game, could be a board game, a card game or a game I saw on Pinterest that I thought was interesting, I keep it in the cabinet. Just in case. That large cabinet is like internet but than not that extensive. Internet is massive and endless. My cabinet can only keep that many books our games. But I like to have real things in the house as well, beside the use of YouTube and internet.


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