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Preparation – Part 2

If you like to read part 1 first, you can find that post right here.
We are halfway through July and we got a message from the consulate that all the paperwork for Midiman, formerly know as Miniman, has arrived. Meaning there is nothing that stands in our way of moving forward with the immigration or emigration, just depending on the point of view. The US considers it an immigration.

Everything happens quite fast at this moment. We got an invitation for our consular interview. Which will take place in the second week of August. A week before our interview, the last week of July, the children and I will undergo a medical exam. There is so much to do and so little time.

We still have to figure out what we are going to do with our stuff. Take it with us or sell or something in between. We haven’t made a decision yet. We did got quotation from shipping companies and oh boy, it is really something to think about. However, over the next two months we will ship things we really need in boxes and store the rest, Which we will come back for. Meaning, we are postponing the decision to ship our inventory or to sell it. Right now, we are leaning to selling our house instead of renting it out which was our first thought, regarding the current market condition.

Job wise, hubby is in the lucky position that he can continue to fulfill his job there as well. So not much to arrange on that end.

We did find a place to stay, which we are really happy about. And while we are there we will look for something permanent. Hubby will have a driver’s license test in the second week we are there. That is going to be fun. I believe he has to study for his theory too. I have to wait till I have my social security number before I can get my driver’s license. Anyway, the list for things to do continues. But we’re making progress. I made a birth plan, contacted a genetics specialist and arranged health insurance for at least our first year.

Our first point of entry will be Minneapolis and I have read good things about immigration service there. No guarantees of course. but we will find out.

Anyway, these are still exciting times. And I must admit, I am loosing sleep over this.

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September 2010: Changed partnership into marriage
September 2010: Filed I-130 for Maximan and I, Consular Office Amsterdam
September 2010: Approval for I-130 for Maximan and I
October 2012: Filed I-130 for Midiman, Chicago Lockbox
November 2012: Received Rejection for Midiman
Februari 2013: Filed I-130 for Midiman, Chicago Lockbox
March 2013: Received Notice of Action for Midiman
June 2013: Received Approval for Midiman
July 2013: Received Notice from the Consular Office Amsterdam regarding paperwork Midiman
July 2013: Medical Exam Maximan, Midiman and I
August 2013: Consular Interview, Consular Office Amsterdam
September 2013: First Point of Entry Minneapolis


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