The Art of Home Education – * – Invision Education

Let the journey be shaped by the curiousity of the child…

Sometimes he remembers

This morning Maximan tells me about a dream he had. He tells me it was a bad dream about war and death. First he tells me he dreamed about Fireman Sam too but when he continues I realize he is talking about a previous life of his.

He tells me in detail about a period of war. It reminds me of world war II because he is describing gas chambers in detail. I am there, miniman and his dad are not but the baby to be, whom he is referring to as baby Maximan, is there as well. He tells me that I am not able to protect him for long because I was taken away to one of those chambers. Before I was put in a gas chamber, the men who took me there, hurt me. In his dream, he is a little girl and baby Maximan is his big brother. His big brother tries to protect him as long as he can, until they die too.

We never have discussed world war II or war in general up till now. Maximan is four years old and in my opinion he is a bit too young to discuss war and what it means. I want to protect him from this as long as I can. I know it exists in the world, it is part of our world. But if I can, I want war and violence to stay away from our children as long as possible. But today we did discuss war, just briefly. We talked about what he saw and how it made him feel. It was something that he had on his mind, so we discussed it.

Today it was a dream that showed signs of his previous life(s). Sometimes we visit a museum or do an activity and he has a certain comment. Things we know he cannot know, but he knows.

We think it is important for our children to know that our family is a safe place and that they can share everything they experience and like to share, with us. We won’t judge them. We will listen. We will be there. We made them a promise when they choose us and we carry that promise in our hearts.


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