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A little bit of background. we live in the Netherlands. I am Dutch and my husband is an American. Since the moment we’ve met in 1998, we have been talking about moving back to the United States. In 2009 we started to visit the emigration fair in Houten, which is an annual fair in February. Actually, it is the same every year. This year we only stayed for ten minutes, we had seen the whole fair before. And the US was not represented.

We did a registered partnership in 2008 when I got pregnant, which in the Netherlands equals marriage and in 2010 we changed our registered partnership to a marriage, which was not that romantic. We did have a romantic setting for our partnership, but the wedding was a formality. We already had the whole romantic thing, small party etc before. Why do it again when you’re planning on moving. which you know will cost a lot of money. If we didn’t have plans to move to the US we probably wouldn’t have changed our registered partnership into marriage. The status is the same here in the Netherlands. After all our paperwork was done my husband filed the I-130 forms for me and Maximan. Within a week we had approval to collect all our documentation to move forward with our planned emigration.

A lot happened in between that approval and sending in our DS2001 form, stating that we were ready to leave. We started collecting all the necessary paperwork and in the meantime Miniman was born. When Miniman was 8 weeks old, he and I got rear-ended on the highway. That has been a year ago and I am still working on my recovery. Miniman is fine.

For Miniman we had to file the I-130 at the Chicago lockbox and just recently, did his notice of approval arrive. So these are exiting times for us.

We do realise that it is tough on the people around us. We are the ones that will be moving, but we are not dead, we are still alive but on the other side of the planet. We have Skype and Facetime.

Our trip to Colorado is planned for the end of this Summer and we are really looking forward to it. That does mean that we won’t be celebrating Mabon here. Right now, we are busy with housing arrangements, driver license appointments, quotations regarding moving our personal items. And we are reaching out to other homeschooling families (groups) in Colorado.

So much to do and so little time.



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