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Being sick and unschooling

All the members of our family have been sick during these last three weeks. We’ve had the flue. High fevers, no appetite, coughing, sneezing , etc. Maximan even developed an pneumonia. But know we’re back on our way to recovery. What I think is, we need sun. Lots and lots of sun.

You probably wonder what happened to our home education. When you’re sick and you don’t want anything at all, not even watch television, you just sleep and hopefully there is someone who can tell you stories or read to you.

After a while Maximan was feeling better, I was still sick though, and he started to follow his interests again. He got the idea to paint and he put all the painting equipment out on the table and started to paint. He likes to make puzzles, so he made a couple of those. Unschooling just happened. I must say, I’ve never been happier with unschooling like when I had that high fever. It is such a blessing for our children to move freely and explore.


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