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Rain experiment

Today we did an experiment. A cloud-in-a-jar experiment. I started by asking Maximan what happens when it rains. He told me that the clouds were heavy and full with rain and that the rain needs to get out of the cloud. So that’s why it rains.

I explained Maximan that the water in the vase represented the air around us and the cotton and shaving cream represented the clouds. The food coloring would be the rain. Then we discussed the water cycle using this chart from Kids Discover.

First we did our experiment using cotton. What would the difference in use be between cotton and shaving cream. Well, I tell you. Cotton soaks in the water, gets heavy and sinks. Whereas shaving cream floats and stays on the water instead of sinking. It is so much fun that we do learning-by-experiencing.








And the experiment again using shaving cream.







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