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Let the journey be shaped by the curiousity of the child…

Out and about

And another busy day has passed. I must say: we had fun! Since Dad took the car to work, and we now only have one, the children and I went on a bus ride. Which is what mostly we do for extra fun. And it is a great way to get familiar with numbers.

Today we took the bus to psychical therapy, it was a 30-minute ride and a 15-minute walk, one way. We saw new surroundings, of course Maximan spoke to some people, on our way he even stopped to help the mailman and the way back was even more fun.

When we are out and about, Miniman is wrapped on my back. The fun thing is, people don’t expect it and they are really surprised when they realise I’m not walking with just one kid, but surprise surprise… Miniman is there too.

imageThis picture was made in July

On our way back a bus driver with an empty bus stopped and gave us a ride. We sat in the front and Maximan was able to ask all the questions he had (or could come up with). It was such a great busdriver and a lovely ride in our private bus.

What else did we do? We visited a friend. 🙂 Which was great. In between all the time for the children, there is also time for me.

We made some presents for the coming birthdays of Maximan his friends. It is one of our resolutions to make our own gifts with love and attention. Maximan and Miniman tested the presents and they had so much fun playing with it that I think it is a winner. We’ll see later this week.

Photographer to be I totally forgot, this morning, Maximan got his own camera. He loved it and started to make pictures straight away. I must say, I love it too because Maximan is also taking my picture and there aren’t that many of those. Yes, that is about to change!

And before dinner, Maximan watched a documentary about crocodiles. I asked if he wanted to see Sesame Street and as the television switched on, it landed on that documentary. Much better than Sesame Street according to Maximan.


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