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Color Matching Activities

Today I made two busy bag activities. If you’re not familiar with the busy bag concept, you can check out my Pinterest Board here. Basically, it’s a small bag containing a re-usable activity for your child to do independently. A collection of these little wonders can be invaluable when you’re trying to get dinner on the table, are traveling with kids, or even sitting in a restaurant or waiting room.

Below is project #1 – a paint chip color-matching activity. Simply grab two matching paint chips, cut one up or use a figure like I did and glue each color to a clothespin while keeping the other intact. The idea is to mix them all up and then hand them over to your child to match up again.

Tip: Laminate the project you’ve made. It will help with the durability of the project.






And project # 2 – another paint chip color-matching activity. Here I uses different shades of the same color and the task is to match all the shades of yellow under yellow, all the shades of orange under orange and so on. I used a crayon to draw a box on top of the row in the appropriate color. This one is really easy to make.



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