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Balloon and paper fun

Oh boy oh boy, we had so much fun today. We did some art & crafts with balloons. Maximan loves balloons and Maximan loves glue. And today he was able to work (play) with both of them at the same time.

The idea was to make light for Yule and some ornaments for in the tree.


First I made wallpaper glue and tore the paper into small pieces. Looked up some balloons in the house. luckily I found four. Some months ago we banned balloons due to my allergy for them. After all the preparations we could start the fun.


Fun it was, and Maximan was really focussing on his work. First he put glue on the balloon and then, piece by piece, he glued the pieces of paper onto the balloon. And eacht piece of paper was again covered with glue.




While finally the whole balloon was covered with glue, pieces of paper and glue again. Don’t they look amazing?

First the whole creation had to dry. When it was dry the exciting part came. Maximan cut a little hole in the balloon to let out the air. What happened? One creation turned into an ornament for the tree because it shrunk together with the balloon. However, the other one stayed in the shape we created. The only thing that had to be done was cut the top off of it. And voilá, there is our light.



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