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Celebrating the end of a year and the beginning of a new cycle. We made our apple resolutions, carved pumpkins and talked a lot what Samhain or Halloween means to us.

Making Apple Resolutions

A wonderful ritual to celebrate Samhain.” A bookend of sorts to Beltane on May 1, Samhain traditionally has been a time for bonfires, lit to “provide an island of light within the oncoming tide of winter darkness,” and intentionally stirring the seeds of new beginnings.

And we have to remember: Once the apple rots the bad is gone. If in fact a tree grows, it is a blessing of new and better things to come.

Talking about Halloween

What does Halloween mean to us. Apart from being the third and last harvest fest, and being grateful for all we’ve got, it’s also about being able to talk to all the loved ones who past on. We took out old photo albums and enjoyed looking at the pictures. On those pictures we see loved ones that are still in our life, loved ones that passed on and loved ones that chose a different path. I explained Maximan that you’re always able to talk to our loved ones who passed on, but on Samhain they are supposed to be even closer. Maximan started to have a conversation with our dog who passed on beginning of 2011 and with his big sister.


We had a double celebration this year. One small celebration with the children and a party for the grownups. For the small celebration, Maximan and I did some arts & craft. We made a pumpkin light, we were collecting leaves from the forest and made a garland, we made a pumpkin mask and he loved to dress up. Imagination is good for the mind. So he was a fireman and later on a policeman and he even chose to be a princess. How cool our boy is.
For us grownups, we went to a Halloween Party, organized by the Expat group here in town. Actually it was a normal dress up party without eye for the spiritual part. But we’ve enjoyed it anyway. It is good to be among people who celebrate the same fest although it might be from other perspective.




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