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Enjoying airplanes

One of Maximan’s interest is flying. Flying an airplane or helicopter, he would like to learn both. And he knows he has to wait. So in the meantime we go to the Aviation Museum as much as we can.

Today we also went into the simulator. Only to discover again, that he is to young, to short. In his mind he is much bigger than he is. What happened? We went into the simulator and he wanted to take place on the seat and he wasn’t allowed. My heart broke. As my little boy wanted this so bad and he couldn’t. So in his place I went and I must say, flying an airplane (I know, it was a simulator) is hard!! But a lot of fun. And for a first time I think I can compliment myself. Only thing I can do for Maximan is to get a simulatorset at home. In order for him to practice his flying skills.

The good thing about the museum was of course, that there are a lot of different airplanes and you learn all about the history of aviation. There were also a lot of children. So Maximan had a lot of fun playing with other. And luckily he met some nice children to play with.

All and all we had a great day!

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