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Keep it Clean Day

Last Friday we did something which made me really proud of my maxi boy. It all started a couple of weeks ago when we went to the playground and he saw all the garbage lying around. Of course he was right when he said that garbage should be in the bin. So we started cleaning up the playground a little bit before he could go back and enjoy his time on the swing again.

While he was enjoying the swing I asked him what he thought of all the plastic that ended up in the water. “Well, that was not very good for the fish and especially not for the turtles.” We’ve just seen a movie about Sammy the Turtle. On Facebook I saw something about Keep it Clean Day and I enrolled us.

And there we went. Last Friday, maxi boy, midi boy and the mom on they’re way to a boat. Of to go plastic fishing out of the canals. Apart from his brother, my big little guy was the youngest child on board. The funniest thing was that children are so easy. He made a friend for a day. A lovely eleven-year old boy.

I must say, we did good! Two boats, 15 children and we got a lot of plastic out of the water. We even got a woman’s purse out of the water.

After the boattrip and the fishing excitement, there was a workshop on what you can make from plastic. From art, to beads. I loved the idea of making beads. Maxi boy loves glueing.

Special thanks to for organizing this day!



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