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Bringing outside in

Today the boys and I made from something I haven’t used for over two years, something nice to look at. And right now, at this moment, it is hanging in our hall, right above our sacred table where we celebrate all seasons of the year.

We started by dusting of my knitting ring. Well okay, that’s a bit of an exageration. Anyway, I did started by preparing the table and my big little boy got all the things he thought were necessary too. Of course we needed tape, paper and scissors to put rope on my knitting ring. And it started to look like this.


Then we went into the garden to get those cute lanterns that were growing there. We always ask permission from the plants if we want to cut something from them. So we started by asking if it was okay to take some of the lanterns to use for our decoration. Carefully my maxi boy removed a couple of lanterns. How proud I am of him when I see how much respect he has for every living creature.

Back inside we attached the lantarns to the ring. And left some room for leafs, which we will know we will find on one of strolls in the near future.

20120924-222333.jpg 20120924-222346.jpg 20120924-222352.jpg






And this is for now our end result.




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